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Super great post, Sam. I'll also add, if it's not clear, that dev.to is a tremendous resource for building an online presence. We also have a new feature coming soon that will be especially helpful for junior devs navigating their early careers, and it will be helpful to have a filled out dev.to profile with maybe a few comments of posts published 😉


Totally agree Ben! Dev.to is amazing <3 (I should really get some stickers eh?)

I'd love to hear when the new feature is out. Keep me posted.

And once again, thank you and your team for running Dev.to! We all really appreciate the work you do, and I bet you don't hear it as much as you deserve. <3


Hi Sam,

I also share your views on how to build a Online Presence and I've been (not so steadily) doing some of those things myself.

As Ben noticed, dev.to is a great place to create and share our content as developers.

That's why I'll be moving from Medium ~> here :)

Would it make sense to edit your post and mention dev.to in it?

Totally would! I think this was one of my first posts to Dev.To, and I've since really seen the awesome value. So yes, I will edit ~


Hey Ben I guess its time you make a tutorial on how to build a blog in rails ?

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