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Oh! This is a really interesting topic!

My comment is a bit tangential:

A few years ago when I was thinking through ideas around dev.to and its place in the world relative to Medium, Twitter, and other very popular publishing/social which have similar features and very broad reach. I started having the realization that the software community was never going to be more than an edge case for them, as entirely generalized platforms.

The theme I came drawn to was that the center of this project's universe was the needs of the user, not the functionality of the platform. Medium centralizes around publishing, and has an inherently hard time delivering value and aligning interest with the software community.

As technology evolves, generalization sometimes becomes the best scenario. Personal computers becoming generalized in the 70s/80s/90s instead of strictly programming devices was a tide that rose all boats, but over-generalizing is indeed inhibitory. This touches creativity, as you have mentioned, and other facets of our interaction with the technology.

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