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Why aren't my changes having any affect?

Restart the servers — Nothing.
Clear development cache — Nothing.
Scour docs for hard restart options — Nothing
Print a bunch of <h1>Test test test</h1> all over the page — Nothing.

Oooooohhhhhh I'm looking at the production app.


Better than the version of this I did a long time ago (back when all this was the wild west). I was updating live, not the test site I was looking at.
There's all sorts of things stopping me doing that now.


Colour coding works for me with UIs.. not quite so easy with APIs!


I've done this so many times, for each combination possible out of dev, staging and production.

So. Many. Times.


I've done the same several times, except the screen I was looking wasn't even an app - it was an Invision prototype.


I did something like that once... except I was looking at test and had OVERWRITTEN the production app. Good thing we have backups. Heh heh.


true haha. I've done this so many times


Yes! This! More often than I'd care to admit. Have considered popping in a big red "DEV" block somewhere on the site to make it super obvious.


This is actually an excellent idea and I'm pretty sure there are dev teams out there that do this. The more obvious the better!

I am one of them :)
I use big red button with text “test” in navigation bar.


Many times i update code in build folder's source file and the changes are not reflected. After several try i recognised that i'm a idiot.


Just learning some Test Driven Dev at work. Spent half the AM trying to get this phpunit test to throw an exception when no user id is present on persist. I was expecting the exception BEFORE running anything else in the test function so it was stopping before even testing anything. My boss came over to point that out for me and also pointed out I had no connection to the DB either. It's ok I'm a professional kids.


I've done this way too many times as well.

Or if you have multiple cloud projects and you've configured a project other than the one you are working on. So you push changes. Do a bunch of console.log() and still nothing

Only to realize you were deploying to the wrong cloud project!

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