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re: Are most of your friends developers too? VIEW POST


For most of my life: no.

I've almost never had dev friends, but these days I'm making a lot more friends in the space, usually because I met them through DEV πŸ˜„

I think if I had more dev friends I'd never have felt the urge to create a more welcoming space. I always felt like I had a hard time breaking into the software "cliques". And if I had a hard time with that, folks from underrepresented backgrounds face greatly steeper challenges.

I've always had fairly nerdy friends, and some of those relationships helped nudge me into software one way or the other, but nobody actually really wrote code.


This basically sums up what my response was going to be πŸ˜…

I love all my new Dev/Twitter friends thoughπŸ’œ

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