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re: I'd hate to browse within a desktop app that's not my browser, notably because I use an adblocker. I'd expect the PWA to act like every other soft...

Great point about ad blockers.

Yep, definitely adding rel="noopener noreferrer" alongside "target=_blank" though I'm not sure those same vulnerabilities would apply to PWAs. Seems like that should be somewhat of a firewall between the two. I'd be curious about whether that vulnerability persists.


Sooo, I haven't checked on this for a while.

Did you test for such a vulnerability since then?


It's not just adblockers, there's a lot of functionality missing, like having to log in again to something your browser normally handles or syncing your history with another device.

Critically for me, I'd miss being able to bookmark something once I find it. Everything linked to from within the fake browser is lost forever unless you take a screenshot or remember what steps you took to get there.

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