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Since RubyGems.org I’d a non-profit and GitHub is a Ruby shop, I’d predict that RubyGems.org won’t try and be overly competitive and that the GitHub registry will eventually become the dominant one.

I hope RubyGems.org lives on and provides a good service, but I definitely think that the Ruby community could shift to GitHhb.

On the other hand, new Ruby projects aren’t spinning up at the same pace that JS one’s are. So the majority might just stick with what they have unless GH can make some radical improvements in security or elsewhere.


RubyGems and Crates are 2 of the most hassle free package registries I've ever used. I don't think GH is becoming the biggest anytime soon


Yeah I agree on that count


I love working with RubyGems. So intuitive and easy.


Definitely agree with a lot of that! It was interesting to me that from the start Ruby is a considered language in the new registry, but then I remembered that GH is a Ruby shop and then it all made sense. :)

Do you think, from what you've read so far, that there would be any advantage to moving existing projects to the new registry? There aren't a ton of new Ruby gems annually (although there are some!) so it's mostly I think about maintenance at this point.


GitHub package registry is not a single registry. Every user/org has they own isolated registry. So you will have to explicitly declare every registry so that it can be used in your project.

And how will the dependency manager know which registry is the authorative registry for a given package?


That's a really good question.

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