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I would have loved more encouragement to... just do it my way.

I never fit in with anyone else's idea of how one is supposed to approach this craft, so it took a while for me to really have the whole thing sink in.

If people had encouraged me play and do things I liked to do instead of their idea of computer programming/computer science, it all would have happened a lot sooner for me.


Yes, this is significant. Playing, creating small C# console applications is a way a great for me to cement (and have fun) about what I am learning.

Then I can move on to the big stuff: WinForms, ASP.NET WPF, Blazor.


I like the mantra "Make Dumb Shit".

I feel like it's a whole different kind of learning when you're just messing around. Being able to explore the "I wonder if I can do this"'s of the programming world is So Much Fun. Especially when it turns out you can, in fact, do { Insert Whatever }.


This! I like to think about programming as a form of art and learning to program like learning to play the guitar - as soon as you can hold the guitar properly, and have a basic understanding of how the instrument works, how to use it - you start experimenting, trying new sounds, "messing around". This is pure joy!

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