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One more thing:

I can never keep track of conference CFPs. And in general I hate that I'm supposed to be plugged in to Twitter so I don't miss some of this stuff. This was the one part I was dying to create for my own purposes.

If you are part of organizing an upcoming conference, please submit a CFP listing! I hope we can become the dedicated space for getting the word out. We have a kind, engaged, diverse community of developers who would love to know which conferences to submit to.


Also if you have any ideas for additional categories, please let us know!

Also if you don't like the grid layout, we'll have configuration coming soon! (In addition to other useful follow-on features).


I'm helping to organise Pycon in Singapore for this year will definitely put in a CFP for when we are ready. It's awesome to have multiple awesome features.


The only issue I have encountered so far is with replying...if the poster has not enabled open inbox, there's no way to actually reply unless they happen to list contact information on GitHub or their personal website.

It would be very helpful if the instructions on the create a listing page mentioned how to change your inbox settings so that others can reply. Bonus points if it can detect automatically if you have already opted-in to open inbox!


Yep, we didn’t get to build out every path and feature before we saw how folks were using it but stuff along these lines is in the works 😄

Thanks a lot for the input to help guide us in the right direction.

Happy to help! This site is awesome...the community is a lot more positive and mature than some of the other communities I used to frequent for programming-related discussions. This weekend, I am going to try to look into some of the open issues and see if there is anything I can assist with, I would love to be able to give back to the community!


Love this thinking. As a Developer Advocate, I struggle to find a maintained list of not only CFPs but also developer conferences to consider for sponsorships.

For CFPs, one thing I've found useful is the cfp land twitter feed: twitter.com/cfp_land There's a website also, but I haven't used it much. Also, there's twitter.com/mozTechCFPs

Nice job with this! I'll be listing a Heroku job opening shortly (sneak peek).


I'm organising JScamp and the first CSScamp in Barcelona on July 17-18-19 and that would be very helpful 😍Big thanks for all your contribution to the community!

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