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Discussion on: Google Cloud Platform Vs. Amazon Web Services

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Ben Halpern

With AWS you need to commit in advance to at least 1 year of continued use of your chosen service and machine type.

With GCP, on the other hand, you get the same discount after 1 month of use, and you don’t need to plan in advance since the discount is retroactive.

Damn, that's a pretty brutal policy with AWS.

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Mani Gandham • Edited on

GCP's "sustained use" discounts are pretty great, but they also offer "committed use" discounts as well that give even lower pricing for 1 and 3 year terms, effectively cheaper than most dedicated hosting providers while getting all the benefits of running in the Google environment.

Another great feature is that discounts are based on cores/ram rather than any specific instance type. This makes it easy to get discounts even with fluid usage of the VMs themselves.

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It is especially for startups! One of the great things of cloud computing is the possibility of upgrading/downgrading machines, or deploying more machines in short notice. 1 year planning is totally impossible :(