re: What companies are great places to work at for women in tech?! VIEW POST


I think we, DEV, strive pretty hard to be a good place for women to work. We try our best. 🙂

I don't want to speculate too much on other companies, but Microsoft seems to really have evolved into a kind and inclusive company (but it's a gigantic corp, so there is probably no one Microsoft culture).

Some companies put inclusion front end center in loud ways from their founders. npm comes to mind.

Inclusion is a multivariate issue, so some folks might be a healthy environment for women, maybe not so much women of color etc.

In terms of resources in this regard, folks may want to check out keyvalues.com/

You can also read some of @lynnetye 's DEV posts on her profile. K/V will be a good resource for years to come.


I heard AMD is that kind of place.

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