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re: Jess you've been quietly petitioning for #todayigoogled and I agree. It's a great way to summarize any search you did in the most digestible way fo...

It's similar to #todayilearned but I really do see a bit of a differentiation around context and helpfulness.

But #todayilearned is another useful tag we could lean in to.


Summarize a concept that is new to you.

OH yeah. I forgot all about that one. I don't love #todayigoogled bc....I wish I was duckduckgo'in instead! I'm going to throw #TIL on as well.


I agree with Jess about the whole "Google" thing. There are several search engines, DuckDuckGo being a huge one (the only one I use). With privacy being a big thing right now, we really don't want to reinforce Google's (illusion of) ubiquity.

How about #todayisearched, and just ALIAS #todayigoogled to that?

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