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I'm subscribed to this because I have more questions than answers, but I'll add some initial thoughts:

Any opinions on using CSS vs JS for animations?

Anything that can maximize hardware acceleration and result in fairly clean code. I feel like these days there are options in both CSS and JavaScript. It's a case by case basis IMO and important to keep using dev tools to keep FPS at 60.

At what point do you see it necessary to use SASS or LESS? Is BEM still a thing?

These preprocessors still seem useful. Even as CSS is gaining more power, SCSS and others are still pleasant to work with. When working with an existing codebase, I'd lean towards running with whatever's in place vs doing new things. BEM definitely still a thing from what I see and here.

Me and CSS:

I feel pretty confident about my ability to write clean CSS in any one place, but don't feel super confident about the general topics outlined here. High level CSS architecture and decision making has alluded me. Thankfully the general idea of not over-architecting it and not doing anything overly hacky and then hoping for the best has been good enough for to this point, but I'd love if we eventually leveled up our game.

I asked a question here and got a lot of good responses:

It wasn't enough for me to truly commit to any good decisions but it was a lot of helpful food for thought in the discussion.

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