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re: How I hate the term «Ethical Hacker» ! VIEW POST


So I prefer the terms "IT security expert", "pentester", ...

Same. You can't really control what the mainstream does with technical terms and titles, but it's worth trying to use good descriptive vocabulary where possible.


I agree with you too, thanks for the feedback! 😃


Yep - it's enshrined in the Certified Ethical Hacker qualification, which was a bit naff in practice (I did V7 of this back in '09 I think) - my colleagues & I spent most of the week long course messing with the instructor's router, which was frankly rather more fun!


Thanks for the feedback, I had planned to pass the certification and I see we're having fun there 😆

However, I don't know what "naff" means do you have a synonym? 😅

You are welcome :)

naff - I used this to mean 'not very good', Urban dictionary has many other suggestions. I think I just expressed how British I am!

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