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It looks like JavaScript is the most complicated and error-prone language, that's why so many people need to talk about it on DEV

I think this is somewhat true. JS has lots of issues and a complicated history, but it’s still practical as hell given its popularity.

JavaScript: Famous for being famous.

And yeah, the site is pretty web-centric.


JavaScript: Famous for being famous.

An instagram influencer basically

This definitely calls for a listicle post mapping JS libs/frameworks to members of the Kardashian family.

Kris is jQuery

Kourtney is Vanilla JS because she seems to be boring as all get out. And Kim is Node because she gets more famous all the time but, other than her rabid followers, none of us really understand why or what, exactly, she has contributed to the world. 😋😋😋

And before any of you ask, I'm married to a woman who watches the show occasionally so it's NOT creepy that I can map Kardashian sisters to JS frameworks this quickly 😐😐😐😐😐


I love JavaScript’s story, how it was this hastily created, incredibly flawed plaything that has grown into one of the most utilized tools in existence. It was an underdog—actually, it wasn’t even in the same fight—but it has allowed so many other underdogs to break into this industry. For better or worse, I love a good backstory.


I wish one day we would have a modern ES1 removing all the previous crap, and keeping the clean simple parts of the language... ooh, it's just a wish!


JavaScript: Famous for being famous.

Well, it's actually the first (and only) Back-End and web Front-End language

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