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re: Looks cool! I see the case for not wanting the picker at the top not to take up too much vertical space, but I think having the "episode" titles m...

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, definitely interested in exploring possible ways to adjust the design. It's the most nimble part of the whole thing.

At the very least it could be simple enough to add title attributes plus screen-reader cues.


Is there a non-screen reader way to see the title attribute on mobile devices?


At the moment it's fully just dots.

But definitely open to adjustments here (not just saying this to be conciliatory, I feel like it should probably be adjusted)


What about doing something authors are currently already doing, and prepending something like this to the post?

This post is part of a series:

  • Being Awesome - Part 1: Be Kind to Yourself
  • Being Awesome - Part 2: Be Kind to Others

maybe with a little bit of fancy styling.

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