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re: Yeah, this is huge and unexpected news. The rumors that Red Hat will stay its own entity are encouraging. RedHat has been super revolutionary for ...

IBM and Microsoft being the torch bearers for open source. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.


Microsoft is the biggest OS contributor on GitHub (well before the acquisition). It's kind of hilarious if you think about it.

OSS is bigger than just GitHub, also how do you measure bigness in OSS? By number of committers? Commits? SLOC? Involvement in other projects?

You could argue the bigness of a company in OSS is even a smell. It implies they also have a lot of control.

OSS is bigger than just GitHub

One fact doesn't invalidate the other :-)

I was just nothing that I find funny how MS completely changed their stance on open source in a few years.

The Nadella era has a very different tone than the Ballmer era.

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