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We have a good overall package including solid healthcare etc.

But a couple things I think we do really well:

  • Truly flexible work schedule we stick to.
  • No regularly scheduled meetings on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday besides Friday wrap up
  • Explicit “no but in seat syndrome” policy. If you are burnt out from the day, you should just go home early. No shaming. People from the team will sometimes work late when they need to or they’re in a groove. There needs to be allowance for getting back that time in other ways.

Very good that you care about the time people spend and that they get it back!
I just recently came across an article that working overtime is the no. 1 reason why employees leave the company (german article):

Short summary:

  • Reason no 1: missing compensation for worked overtime
  • Reason no 2: bad work climate. Collegial environment or the chemistry among the colleagues was not right (65% say so)
  • Reason no 3: too much stress. Enormous pressure to perform, tight timings or goals that are too high (60% say so)

I like that idea to curb burnout and getting time back when you work late nights and early mornings. So often it's easy to just do the hours and not think anything of it.

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