Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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Ben Halpern Author

Before I got into professional software development I worked for a consumer tech startup. There was one technical person who directly worked in the company, two non-technical cofounders who lived in different cities, about 8 overly-involved non-technical consultants, and a team of ten-or-so engineers in Pakistan. And me. My job was "growth". 🙂

There was clearly a few things wrong with this company but from a coding perspective alone it seemed almost impossible for anyone to make progress. There were these ridiculously unproductive conference calls like once a week and then folks would pray that they'd get the right thing back from their overseas engineers. The one engineer who worked in the company had little understanding of the work done by the Pakistan team. The engineering culture was one of hope and prayer.

Distributed development can work, but not like that. I liked the folks who ran the company, but had a hard time believing in the future. It was, in the end, not long for this world.

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Interesting and obviously got my attention instantly :)

As a Pakistani, I have worked in a similar setup but interestingly on the Pakistani end working for a American based large corporation and we were their dedicated engineering powerhouse. Many times it didn't work smoothly with deadlines but overall there was some engineering culture and there was some growth. I didn't like the outsourcing model or lets say I realized that I am not made for this. I wanted to switch to product based companies and later moved to Germany for a more diverse experience.

How was your experience working with Pakistani engineers as a remote team? Was their a mismatch with expectations and delivery and were they delivering what they were supposed to deliver?