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Discussion on: The Developer Feedback You Are Actually Getting is Survivorship Bias

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Ben Halpern Author

... Not that you shouldn't listen to the feedback you get, but run it through a lens of this understanding. At the end of the day, there are a lot of UX practices devoted to figuring out why people fall off. We don't get the same work done for DX.

If you are part of a project with the resources to bulk up on the docs and UX of the docs, please devote time and people here. If you don't have those resources, be on the look out for great Readme experiences and try to be empathetic to cohorts who would fall off early.

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Tony Cimaglia

This is why exit interviews are so important! l’ve left a few jobs for the reasons Sarah mentioned and I basically had to go out of my way to give them feedback.

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Max Ong Zong Bao

It depends since for me, my mentor gave me the advice that you should give neutral and leaving on good note. Instead of giving any advice that might help the company especially when you won't be part of the company anymore so it does not matter to you.

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Paras Parmar

That's good advice by the way. Probably for the best. If you are not there, then the advice will more probably be misinterpreted and taken out of context. Since you are not there to temper it with good sense, its good to not start off at all.
After all good advice does not come free of responsibility.

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Paras Parmar • Edited

I form the other; feedback less exit group. I never-ever give the correct, the very true picture at any exit interview. In line with the survivorship hypothesis. I have found that doing so is harmful to my chances at the new organization, every one knows damn all everyone. Second, it harms the chance of reentry at higher levels, third, HR is most probably in with the dirty secrets I may have uncovered at that organization. Without HR remaining complicit or silent; its very hard to suppress what others are leaking on to the grapevine and during their exit interviews respectively. If my opinion could change anything, I would have spoken sooner and still be in the organisation. Due to these factors, the difference I could make by voicing my opinion at any exit is offset by the benefits of Omerta (silence is golden)