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Discussion on: What Does "Right To Repair" Mean to You?

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Ben Halpern

I'd deem this conversation to be complicated and I really don't have a cut-and-dry feeling here with great confidence, but I'd say one thing: Anything that makes reparation more difficult on purpose without legit reason is eggregious.

I recognize that certain types of technology are inherently difficult to repair: Certainly something like a damaged microchip could be inherently irreparable, and maybe sometimes a battery can only fit into the technology in a certain way in order to feasibly create the thing? But RAM which is soldered into place when it could have been removable without great tradeoff, seems pretty crappy.

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Max Ong Zong Bao Author • Edited

Tbh cars is very expensive in my country. When I read the article on a Tesla car requiring $16,000 to repair it this destroyed my desire to get a Tesla if the repair is almost 1/2 the price of the car.