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Discussion on: What would you like to know most about the future of the Forem product? Answer for the chance to be featured on our podcast!

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Ben Halpern

Yup, this is exactly what we will launch.

Our initial Forem Cloud option will be for the more "Professional Tier" because our automation and technical support isn't yet ready to scale to support massive amounts of Forems, so basically the plan is:

  • Make self-hosting as easy and cheap as possible. We will roll out with playbooks for popular cloud providers, and there will be plenty of opportunity for the community to help expand playbook support.
  • Roll out Forem Cloud for pro users who would rather pay us to fully manage, automate, and also get our support on effective community management. As we ramp up our infrastructure we'll expand to the tier at the lower price point who wouldn't be technical enough for self-hosting.

Even though I'm very excited to get Forem Cloud to the point where it can serve a broad amount of users with zero maintenance burden or technical understanding needed, I'm also excited about the interim of broadening the market by teaching some folks how to host on DigitalOcean, etc. It will be fun to see if we can attract some new Code Newbies and teach them how to run a few deployment scripts. 😅

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Thomas Bnt

Very clear response! Thanks you @ben ! 🐼💪🏼