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Discussion on: What the heck is a "Progressive Web App"? Seriously.

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Ben Halpern Author

Sometimes things are overly complicated or obfuscated, maybe to sell a service and make it seem more valuable, maybe just because people want to sound smart, or maybe because nobody's sure they are experts enough to speak up about the issue. Like The Emperor's New Clothes

I used to be terrified to contribute to conversations at meetups and such. Now that I'm much more confident in this way, it's a matter of not forgetting that feeling. It's easy to forget how confused you once were, or how confused any non-power-user will remain.

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Yeah, it's tough. I just try to remember that my experience and opinion is valid, but it doesn't mean that it's the end all and correct. We are allowed to be wrong and learn about something and through being wrong is a good way to learn.

If I lose social points for it, so be it. But I'll walk away with learning something new. I'm not afraid. It's kind of like asking questions in class. No one wants to be "that kid".