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How do you handle open source projects and private config keys?

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I'm planning to release on my GitHub account some projects related to the articles I'm writing.

The problem is that for these projects I need some private key that I don't want to share on the web. What's the best strategy for you?

I was thinking to have a local config file with the real keys and put that file under gitignore. But If I do so, I'll not be able to get them if I need to work from another PC.

How have you overcome this problem?

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Best practice is to never commit any sensitive data (e.g. keys) to any repo. Ignore the file like you said and store a copy somewhere safe (DropBox, OneDrive, iCloud, whatever you use).

Note that if you’ve ever committed a sensitive file to a repository it’s still stored in the repository history. You have to use something like bfg to clean out sensitive files before making the repo public.


Luckily I have published only versions with <your-key-here> values.

So the best way is to ignore the config file, use it for local development and store a copy outside... Uhm, it looks cumbersome, but it makes sense

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