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Davide Bellone
Davide Bellone

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Blogging on DEV: canonical URL or intro+link to blog?

Today I came across a post here on DEV where the author posted only the introduction to his article and then a link to his original post.

What do you think are the benefits of this approach in contrast to set the canonical URL in the post properties here on DEV?

Why would you choose one approach instead of the other one?

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Dor Shinar

I prefer using canonical links, and that's how I cross-post my articles. I find the concept of being forced to go to another site quite annoying (it might be the extra click, IDK). Using canonical links allows you to reap all the benefits of Dev's SEO as if users entered your blog. If you want to encourage people to go to your blog you can and should add a CTA at the end of the article.

That's my 2 cents.

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Helen Anderson

Hi all, I'm a Community Moderator here on Dev.

Blogs should be cross posted in their entirety. Posting a paragraph and a link goes against the Terms of Use and as others have pointed out, causes unnecessary friction for readers.

For anyone reading who is unfamiliar with why we should use canonical links, check out the post below from Laurie. To find out more about where the link should go, check out the Editor Guide.

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Corey McCarty

Canonical urls tell search engines which site is the origin. This means that your personal blog will not be removed from search results as a duplicate of the one.

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I have a personal blog but I always post the full post on DEV.

I try to reduce friction for everyone who is reading my posts.

I respect the time and attention readers are giving me.