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100DaysOfCode for backend dev?

I see lots of frontend dev doing their 100DaysOfCode challenge. That's awesome, and it is a good way to improve your skills, try out new technologies, create a portfolio and reach new people on social media.

But what about backend developers? What can we do?

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Gabriele Cimato

I always find that a great way to learn and grow is to work on a project. Practicing in a vacuum is not the best so I recommend maybe building a small app or trying to automate some workflows that you find tedious. I am currently working on automating blog post releases including cross publishing and tweets.

You can even work on a scraper to aggregate data from different sources (e.g. job postings, interesting sales, ...), or maybe look for open APIs that you can combine in your own API to gather data. There are plenty of opportunities out there, pick one and stick with it.

And you can even work in layers, first you get it to work. Then you add authentication, maybe caching... it's really up to you! Good luck with your journey!

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Davide Bellone Author

Thank you so much! :)