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Here you are:

rhymes workstation

  • macbook pro 13" mid 2012 with lid closed and some stickers
  • anker usb hub with backup disk and RFs transmitters attached
  • seagate 2tb slim for time machine
  • microsoft wireless keyboard whose name I never remember
  • logitech wireless mouse
  • 24" Dell screen
  • stainless steel water bottle from 24bottles

Great. Simultaneous portability & comfort :-) I also use my AsusPro as major machine connecting it to monitor & keyboard/mouse while at work/home. Say,I guess your keyboard is "MS Sculpt Ergonomic".


Monitors, and coffee. The mac is to keep the bag of chips closed mostly, so that they don't go stale.
nerd stuff


So you are another coffee->code converter, aren't you?! Awesome! Well... I guess you just missing a Raspberi-pi / Arduino set on that cool desk. Say, being right next to the wall, you can use it for holding sticky notes. Then, WOWWWW B-) B-) :-) X-) what a design boooooy! :-)


Haha the Pi has been on the todo list for a while, however the light there is a USB light which I connected to a salvaged USB socket, then wired it into an old 5V phone charger so I could plug it into a socket, so I'm almost there...

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