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Your points to me seem more like personal preferences than actual unique selling points for Vue. You could replace Vue with a plethora of other options like Aurelia, Svelte and even something like Ember.

A framework in particular will always promote separation of concerns. Vue is also fast becoming React Lite in its approach and anti class stance. As far as I am aware, classes are out in Vue 3.

There is a reason Angular is popular in enterprise and government. You don't need to glue third party libraries together for basic functionality, it's well documented, easy to test and verbose. Angular require you to work in a standardised way, something libraries like Vue and React do not offer.

I hear more about Svelte these days than I do Vue. So, it'll be interesting if Vue can remain relevant and competitive in speed and bundle size.


Thanks for your comment Dwayne. I am not sure if you read the disclaimer or even how I end my post. Of course this is personal preference, that's what I state anyway. And of course Angular is popular because it is coming as a full solution. This is what I state as well. As about Svelte, do you have a popular website to mention? Vuejs is battle-tested (you can do the googling yourself). But again, did you read my post at all? Thanks for your comment.

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