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re: Hi Dwayne, long term Aurelia dev and fan here; been using it for a myriad of client projects since the first beta's, and only recently I decided to...

Hi Sergi, thanks for the questions. That's awesome you've been using Aurelia for so long, it's one those frameworks you start using and then you find it difficult to stop using.

When do you think we can expect the much anticipated Aurelia 2.0?

This is a tricky one. A lot of work has been done and I can't really speak for the rest of the team because my involvement in vNext has been close to nothing in comparison to the other great core members doing some impressive stuff.

I think the intention is to get an alpha out there ASAP. I don't have hard dates, but in terms of core functionality, there has been a lot done and there are a few rough edges to smoothen out, but it's coming along well.

What do you think the future upholds for Aurelia?

I truly believe when vNext launches, people will finally take notice of Aurelia. People seem to forget that prior to Vue 2, that Vue 1 only experience small fanfare, it was not until version 2.0 that Vue really exploded.

Aurelia 1 is great and fantastic, but it arrived at a time when Webpack was still in its infancy and releasing constant breaking updates and changes, browser module standards and syntax were in their infancy. The tooling ecosystem is what really let Aurelia down when it launched in 2015 and the documentation wasn't ideal.

While vNext is going to be backwards compatible with the Aurelia you already know and love, it has been rewritten and architected from the ground up. It's an impressive undertaking and once again, I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up beating Angular, Vue and React in benchmarks once again like it did back in 2015 and still continues to do today.

What can we do to spread to love for this amazing framework in order to ensure it's future?

Talk about it. A few of us in the core team often joke about the fact that there are so many awesome developers and large companies using Aurelia, but they're too busy being productive to stop and take the time to talk about it. That's improving with the case studies coming out and there will be more of those soon.

But as I am sure you're aware, I've been blogging about Aurelia for a long time. Blog posts, videos, hosting meetups and using it for open source work are great ways of getting the name and framework out there.

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