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Discussion on: Do you ever get frustrated with your Junior Developer(s)?

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Bryan "BJ" Hoffpauir

Andrew, first let me reassure you that every single one of us who embark upon a career in software development have experienced this same anxiety at some point, so know you’re not alone 🤓

I’ll add a point I didn’t articulate in that post that I think Is relevant for this discussion - you willnface this anxiety again and again...sure you may not be a true novice or junior dev when you take your next job role at a new firm...but “junior” is a relative thing....when you join a team as the “new dev” it won’t matter THAT much that you have amassed real professional won’t have the same domain knowledge and understanding of the workplace that even younger Devs than you might have if they’ve been working there for a while...

But fret not! The steps I outline below should serve you well in every new team you might join, as long as you are sincere in your desire to work hard and continuously improve yourself.

I wrote an answer to a question posed in a similar vein over on Quora a while back that I think captures the essence of both WHY we feel the pressure we do in this situation as a new junior dev:

Hopefully you’ll find some of the techniques I’ve shared from own experiences helpful. They’ve served me well.