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Wow! I’ve been waiting for an article like this- I am still learning all the cool things VS Code can do. Can’t wait to implement some of these!!


Nice to hear! Thank you!

Are there any topics about vs code you would like to hear more about?


I'd love to know about different ways you might go about getting really efficient when working between several open windows - for example, working in VS Code alongside Postman, Chrome, debugging window, etc. It can get to be a lot! Someone must have a better system of making that easier! Lol!

That's a good question!


To switch around the windows.

But maybe someone also has a better method.

People on OSX use different desktops but that's for me the same as using ALT+TAB.

Instead of postman I use REST Client

Cool, thanks for sharing!

Your welcome 😊 👍

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