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How do you deal with anxiety surrounding one-on-one meetings?

Just curious about how others go into one-on-one meetings. Every time one pops up on my calendar, a little bit of anxiety hits me and I can't help being nervous, even though I know 100% that it is going to be a great meeting with positive feedback and no issues. I have a fantastic boss who I have expressed this anxiety to, and his response has always been that if there is EVER an issue that needs to be addressed, he will not wait until our regularly scheduled one-on-one to handle it, which I greatly appreciate (he is a very open and transparent person, and an excellent leader). But even with this being said I STILL get a level of anxiety when our routine one-on-one pops up. How do y'all deal with that, and what are some suggestions on how I, and others like me, can deal with that anxiety?

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I used to be afraid that I would have nothing to talk about when meeting one-on-one, but then I realized that I'm an interesting and versatile person, so I will always find a topic for conversation. In terms of anxiety, I've heard CBD Oils are very helpful. They are soothing and relaxing. However, my favorite is the cbd cream 1000mg , which I use after workouts to ease some muscle soreness. All in all, there are a lot of cool CBD remedies out there.