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Discussion on: Should devs code in their free time?

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Bruno Bossola

Some companies value your off-work activity more than your experience. Is it fair?
No, it's just lazy.

Your off-work activity shows passion in the job, and passion is definitely a valuable characteristic for any hire, independently of the field. However, there are definitely more ways to evaluate it. Plus, there are characteristics that are more important than passion. So, as a company, if I rely heavily on this item to assess a candidate, I am probably not doing a good job.

In some companies, this can also give an edge compared to other applicants. A good Github profile, for example, can show your level of expertise in coding quite nicely. However, your knowledge and expertise will have to be assessed anyway in an interview. If a company heavily relies on such elements for a hire, they are probably looking for shortcuts.

Do I like to work on side projects, give tech talks, write blog posts?
Hell yeah! But this is orthogonal to my career :)

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Carlos Roso Author

Right. You just landed on a very important topic here: hiring processes are flawed if they judge candidates for their "passion" only. Whether they value this in their screenings is irrelevant, what matters is how they see you as a whole.