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Hi Willane, I'm actually looking for some frontend help on my OSS project, Express Admin Area. In short, the project is a database management tool from the browser.

The front uses TypeScript React while the back is using Typescript Express. At the moment there is absolutely zero styling on the front so if you're into CSS, or perhaps some other form of styling library, and want to help refactor some components, write unit tests as well as add some new features then be my guest and submit a PR. Once merged I'll add you to the Contributors list on the README.

I don't have a good flow set up for contributors so excuse me if it's difficult to get into. I could definitely use help setting up a Contributor.md.

I'm also open for backend help if that interests you or anyone who reads this.

Hope to see some of yall pop up in the PR or Issues 😁

GitHub: github.com/bbenefield89/express-ad...
NPM: npmjs.com/package/express-admin-area


Thanks for replying, I will take a look at your project :)

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