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NodeJS Project setup for .NET developers

bazenteklehaymanot profile image bazen-teklehaymanot ・2 min read

First lets clear up one thing. this project setup is not limited to .NET Developers only it can be used by anyone interested. mostly I use .NET for different projects and I found this NodeJs project setup highly resembling to that of .NET hence the title "NodeJS Project setup for .NET developers". if you have some experience with .NET REST API it doesn't take long to recognize that you have certain things & architecture out of the box. such as:

  1. Dependency Injection
  2. Attributes
  3. ORM (Entity Framework)
  4. Middleware
  5. Logger
  6. Controllers ...

And yes there are many more things that are not listed here. but the ones mentioned above will suffice for the comparison with the NodeJs project setup.

Lets take a look at the framework called Ts.ED which very amazing framework in my opinion. Ts.ED supports many frame works such as Typescript, Express, Koa, Jest, Mocha, Babel, Webpack, AJV, Swagger, Passport, Mongoose, TypeORM, TypeGraphQL,, AWS, OIDC, Stripe. besides it also helps you write clean, well structured, scalable & testable code. Ts.ED comprises almost all of the REST Api development concepts & structure that are widely used in .NET. to mention the least...

  1. Providers
  2. Decorators
  3. ORM (TypeORM which is inspired by Entity framework)
  4. Middleware
  5. Logger
  6. Controllers ...

The list goes on. there is slight variation between the terminology & detail implementation of this project setup & that of .NET, but overall this framework makes it a lot easier for .NET developers to work on NodeJs project. Ts.ED also have CLI tool which is really cool & is helpful for your productivity.

finally I highly recommend Ts.Ed for anyone interested in working in server side project using NodeJs.

Thank you for reading.

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