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Benefits of Learning Data Structures And Algorithms

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” — Alan Turing.

Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) form an integral part of modern-day computer programming. A basic map on our smartphones which provides us with the shortest possible routes during traffic, a food ordering app, all of these applications have their algorithms specifically designed to serve their purposes.

Here, we will discuss three benefits of learning data structures and algorithms.

1. Cracking interviews in top companies

If your goal is to get a high-paying IT job in a well-established MNC then learning DSA will help you in the technical interviews. DSA tests your problem-solving skills using fewer resources and taking lesser time for execution. Thorough knowledge of DSA indicates the person’s ability to solve complex problems using minimum resources.

2. Designing Customized Applications

All applications are not the same. There may be a requirement for an application that performs a unique operation or feature not present in any other existing applications. Now to implement such an operation, you must be strong in DSA such that you are able to develop a customized algorithm that satisfies the requirement.

3. Future Scopes and Career Prospects

DSA introduces you to the complex technological world of computer programming. You can dive deep into emerging technologies such as image processing, machine learning, blockchain development, etc. It will broaden your skill set and open up new career opportunities you never imagined before. It will also enhance your domain knowledge which will be helpful for you in setting up your own startup or business.

Data structures and algorithms are not only important for getting a good-paying software job but it also helps in improving logical thinking and a deeper understanding of emerging technologies of the future.

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