Story Of A Not So Famous Quote

Palash Bauri 👻 on December 16, 2018

Even Fiction Becomes Real As Soon As We Start Believing It. , If I'm not wrong you've not heard that quote ever! Don't worry 99% People Didn't 😉 T... [Read Full]
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Hi Palash!!!

Well said brother. The quotation you said "Even Fiction Becomes Real As Soon As We Start Believing It." if we see through any invention even computer or in any other field like physics or medical if closely look what we have then we can create something new for present which people said them fiction. I think there no such think like a fiction what we call fiction is a idea which is not present in at this time but if work on it and see things closely then we will found no such things like fiction . Instead of fiction we should said them a new idea in that respected field .
So if we in ourself everything is possible even virtual can becomes reality , because I believe it can be possible but the things will matter is time . Not today but someday of fiction become reality because i believe i can.
Thank you for share your journey it gives a boost for beginners .
Nicely write everything you created this one more interesting with your writing skill .

Thanks again .

Good luck, keep learning and happy coding.


Like what optimistic technology futurists would say, "science fiction" is now called "science pending". 😎


The idea that you tried to express is quite similar to one of Henry Ford's quote (or at least, mostly attributed to him) which is absolutely one of my favorites out there:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right.

Still a cool quote, though.


Built My First Working Computer Software with Python

then right after...

Though , My First Program Was Written In C++

I think there's an inconsistency there.


Actually the C++ program i built was not fully written by me , It was a experimenting project , most of the code chunks were copy pasted from tutorial sites. (It was terminal based chat program.)

That's why I don't consider it as first Program. (but it's my fault I'll change the sentence)

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