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Discussion on: Why I write and why you should too (specially if you are a minority.).

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Bastien Chevallier • Edited on

Eu aprendo o Português (Sou francês), E eu vou viver no Manaus logo.

But I will speak in English. Why, because I'm a developer. And it's our official language 😛

I'm not sure this part is necessary, I hope that normally minded developers don't care about you're a brazilian woman.

I respect you for what you shared with us. I don't care where you from or what's your age or your gender.

And I'm not sure it's necessary to tell us all this things. That's your choices.

I'm a french white male and I won't do an article about it xD (And people could say I'm racists if I do 😂).

But in the crux, you're right. Good developers share 🙂

Muito obrigado

(PS: I tried to read your Brazilian article but I only learn since 6 months, it's fucking hard x') )

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Pachi 🪐 (she/her/ela) Author

Kudos to you for learning Português! It is a very difficult language lol
Thanks for your comment too. Idk how things are in French, but at least in the USA and in Brazil women (and latin women in the USA) have to work 2 time as hard to get to the place they want and there aren't nearly as much as man in tech, so it is always nice to meet and read about other women in tech. No I talk for latin women, but I believe the same go for people of different races and queer people.

Boa Sorte em Manaus!