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Discussion on: Golang, Microservices, and Monorepo

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Robin Author

Hi James, thanks for commenting.

I am well aware of the coupling/de-coupling by sharing data model.
Perhaps sharing struct is not the perfect example for this.

Another sharable code is about role & permission checking.
In my workplace we implemented an RBAC system with each microservice / business domain having it's own rule set.
The RBAC engine is shared across microservices in a single package.

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James Eastham

Hi Robin, thanks for taking the time to reply.

Completely agree with that use case! If the same permission/role checking needs to happen with every service that screams our for shared code.

I think I'd still use an external reference (NuGet in the case of .NET) rather than direct refs to the local source files. But I do see your point now.

Thankyou for clarifying :-)