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Hi! I'm a Salesforce administrator and becoming salesforce dev.
I have a question you don't see that SOQL complicate salesforce? (like for example many- many relations and other stuff ?)
thank you for your answer.


Well, you're not really understanding Salesforce. At the end of the day, Salesforce is just another CRM system with an Oracle DB at the back and Java to wire everything together. With Custom Objects, lookups and M-N relationships Salesforce is allowing you to model how that DB should look. It's just a comfy way of defining your tables. If it did not allow you, 90% of the scenarios clients have would not be modellable


I guess you didn't understand me, I'm not talking about not letting you but adding a junk object to make you do the many many works it add one step to the one working with your database model in Salesforce.

it's the only solution I know about doing many many relations, so if you know another one or something?

No there isn't any other solution. If you really think about it, there actually isn't any other way of doing it. How else would you implement an M-N relationship model?

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