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In my opinion, if you are going to use TypeScript, the better choice would be VS Code, because the support for it is the best out there. If you are going to use it for JavaScript, you will have to do some manual configuration to make the best out of it (configuring jsconfig.json/tsconfig.json). It will even do some TypeScript checking for you (for example, if the right amount of arguments is passed to a function). WebStorm also has excellent support for JavaScript out of the box, maybe even better than VS Code, but it lacks the features that I mentioned in the previous sentence.

I personally use VS Code for JavaScript and it serves me pretty good, but when you have strict linting rules set (by ESLint in my case), VS Code can sometimes be a little frustrating. For example, automatic import suggestions can take a long time to load and when you import it, it doesn't know where to put it if you have rules set for import ordering. That may be a problem of ESLint plugin integration with VS Code, but it can be frustrating none the less. Also, in very big projects, VS Code can be extremely slow, and when the TS Language Server does finally index the project, it can stop working at random times (and it happens often).

All that in mind, I won't be abandoning VS Code yet, I still love it for it's simplicity and speed, it is still much faster than WebStorm for my uses.


Currently i dont work with TS, but i still use vscode more often i fell a little more productive but im always with the feeling that i might be missing something.


Lol, that's simply not true. What you mentioned is working in WebStorm and actually it has much better TS support than VSCode not to mention the refactoring capabilities.

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