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What's wrong with Egghead.io?

barrbozzo profile image Constantine Updated on ・1 min read

Hey, folks! Today i want to ask you about egghead.io. Do you enjoy it?

In December 2019 I purchased 1-year subscription and to be honest, I am disappointed. Quality of videos are good, but content is extremely shallow. Some courses are less informative than 5 mins read of documentation. Also new content appears not o often :(

Is it possible to get partial refund?

May be i missed great courses at this platform. Could you share your favorite courses?

If someone is interested, they do not provide refund after 30 days(
Also, i couldn't find support contacts on web-site, so used google :)


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Some courses are less informative than 5 mins read of documentation

This is how I feel about 90% of online courses, bootcamps, etc.

You can learn so much on your own, for free, by just Googling things and reading documentation.


there's usually tons of content for beginners and less and less for more experience


that's what i experience a lot...
the more experience i gain, the deeper questions i ask and the fewer answers i get... kinda sad...


uh oh, sounds like you're in skillset purgatory. The more "mainstream" tutorial sites arent going to help you much any more. I would try to complete a few projects that are a bit out of your comfort zone. Build what you can, module by module and fill in the blanks with google & youtube searches for help with the specific tasks that you are unfamiliar with. You will likely find more better tutorials with less time wasted on setup/fluff/intro as your searches lead you to new, more specialized sources for information. In other words... Get GRANULAR, my dude!

Have you read their refund policy? if it's 90 days, you're probably getting close to the cutoff for a refund... If it's too late, emailing/chatting with an egghead Rep still couldn't hurt. Even if just for the valuable feedback about your experience.

DISCLAIMER: I'm no career-coach, so take this reply with a grain of salt.


just make projects and stay curious, keep a list of words you've never seen or libraries and frameworks and read all the README's look at all the dependencies and google anything and everything. STAY CURIOUS.

start with projects -> github.com/tuvtran/project-based-l...


Personally I recommend the following:


Great for beginners. The top courses there are usually very thorough. Courses here are what gave me the skills to get my first job.

My favorite course has to be my initial course to React: The complete React developer by Andrew Mead. That course:

  • Taught me React fairly well for a beginner developer.
  • Introduced webpack (which gave me enough introduction to then be able to read all the docs and learn it much better).
  • Had testing (which again gave me enough introduction to ace my first job).
  • Introduced BEM for CSS, which (in my opinion) reigns supreme over any and all other CSS methodologies in the world, and also happens to actually apply programming principles to CSS which seem to not exist in CSS otherwise. But I digress.
  • Spoke about source control briefly.

It's my favorite and best course I've ever done hands down.

Many Udemy courses are like that, so I highly recommend Udemy when you want something very thorough.

Frontend masters

Great courses here as well. It roughly picks up where Udemy drops off. If you're an experienced front end developer and just want a fairly quick video course on technology X, this is the course site for you.


  • MDN - Literally taught me HTML and CSS to expert. Read through the tutorials and docs.
  • Cleancoders - Really good all around. I particularly recommend the "clean code in the browser" series for front end developers.
  • Official documentation: It's usually pretty good for tutorials and references. For example I learned React hooks and RxJS mostly from the documentation.

Awesome recommendations. Thank you!


Hey C

I'm just curious here, what would you have expected to get?

I am subscribed to the month-to-month plan, and honestly I rarely use it for job-related stuff.

In my own personal opinion, I've found value in their community (community.egghead.io), and I watch videos on random subjects I've never heard of while I'm walking on the threadmill.

But, what would be something that just make you go...
"Oh Mr. Egg, this is good, let me pay another 10 years in advance please."

PS. There is an Instructor on Egghead that it's actually animated, it's like a stop motion squirrel, and you can tell the voice is from a kid. While the course might not be the best, I really appreciated watching a funny video about coding.


Hey, I expected to get good short videos for beginners. I have chosen 1-y. sub. only because of the cybermonday sale. That's my fault not to choose 1-m fisrt. Before purchase, I watched 2 free courses and they were amazing.

For example, I want to learn Gatsby. If you search for Gatsby courses there are only 4 of them. Which are super non-informative.


Yeah, I feel you
I want to learn React Native, and their videos are outdated (even thou they are about 1 year old).

Thanks for such quick reply btw

I am sure you can talk to them about cancelation,
Try joining the community, or even sending an email to Joel.

He is the one sending you emails every other week.


Frontendmasters might have some more indepth content that you are in search of.

Ive run into the same problem as you in the past, there is a lot of fast food content out there. Learning in public has become very popular, and a byproduct of that is shallow content.

Can you give some ideas of content you are in search of?


I used egghead.io to learn gatsby. But there are just 4 courses which are pretty shallow(

I know about frontendmasters. Want to give it a try soon)


Maybe you are in an advanced level at your career and Egghead IO might not be worth anymore. I recommend you sending an email to customer support about why you feel disappointed.


There are too many sites out there that are basically the Wikihow for programming. They'll help you through the first 10% of your learning, but after that you're on your own.

Has anyone had a good experience with a training platform, site, or video series? The better ones are often really narrow in focus.


What was it that you wanted to learn in particular that you bought a 1-year membership?

Have you raised the concerns with EggHead directly and see what they say about it?


Hey, i am going to contact with support. Hope they meet me halfway.


u can share the subscription with me.