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You don't.

In my opinion I believe that bad days are reason of stressing out too much on a problem, this can be a personal problem or a professional one, or even something related to code.

If it's something related to code like loosing confidence in yourself that you can't code anymore then I just play some music and go ahead an improve on projects I've already built
i've written about dealing with this in the past.

If it has to do with something that someone said or something that's gone wrong and is having an impact on your thought process then a better approach is to give up on work for that day and instead do nothing.

like literally nothing, sleep maybe or light music. That's mostly what I end up doing.

The post I mentioned earlier can be found here if you'd like to give it a read



Thank you for your input, @Reaper. I see this advice to be given a lot: just walk away and come back when you're in a better state. I can do this at my job (supportive team, relaxed working environment and all that) but I can't stop wondering how many have this luxury. And yes, I am mostly talking about bad days related to coding :).


The thought of loosing a job or adding delay to the project shouldn't be any reason to let your mental health be at stake, the job will have a replacement within days , a person might need months to get back to a healthy mentality

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