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Baraa Baba
Baraa Baba

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It took me two hours to fix a really simple problem

I was working on my portfilio when an error happened about invalid hook calls I tried everything that the error said from trying to check if I am using hooks properly and making sure I don't have two different versions of react also for some reason I tried not to import my components dynamically apparently the error was just I deleted const Card =useRef() but kept the ref in the jsx and that was it I just have to delete ref={Card} I feel so stupid lol

my thoughts:

it's partially my fault cause I didn't think right since I already used hooks before without any problem so I had to know that the problem was from the Card and somewhat also react fault
idk tell what you think about this in the comments

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sfleroy profile image

This is exactly where typescript and a good ide can save the day! But without.. We've all had one of those days at some point :) learn from it and move on ^_^

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Luke Shiru

I'm a TS fan, but you don't need TS for this, you just need to have stricter JS settings. You can have a jsconfig.json in the root of your project with strict set to true, and it should catch this kind of thins even in plain JS.

baraa_baba profile image
Baraa Baba Author

You are right cause I think the ide should have warned me that I have a ref that was not defined.

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