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Clarifying things up

If you want to presume a carrier in a sepecfic field in computer science like web dev or game dev etc.. You don't nessarary need a degree in cs but if you want to have a better understanding in things like data structures and algorithms a degree in cs might be for you. Maybe I miss judge cs cause of me being made at companies for asking all these questions that are not even related to your carrier I get it they want to text you problem solving skills and also I was mad about school for teaching me useless things.
I am someone who want to learn most things about cs and get into different fields like ml ai game dev etc...
But when I turn 18 I will already have 3 years of experience in cs that's if I of course don't just be a web dev and learn what I mentioned above I don't want to seem cocky but maybe I will be more advanced then going for a cs degree specialy that my college options are few and not good from what I heard from other people.

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