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change Jupyter Notebook working directory

banuteja029 profile image banuteja029 ・1 min read

Whenever I tried to open Jupyter notebook it was opening from my C: drive as a working directory

Now to change your notebook working directory
I've installed anaconda thru that I got jupyter notebook, jupyter lab, spyder, and various other editors

Step 1: search anaconda prompt in start button
A command prompt will appear on your screen
Step 2: now from which directory you want to open jupyter notebook
type that directory name
ex: in my computer by default it was from C drive
but i want to open it from D drive
so i simply typed D: enter
Step 3: now type jupyter notebook

Done !!
It's my first article in DEV community

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Siddhartha Chowdhury

Congratulations for writing your first article.
Here's an additional tip for you:

you may activate a virtual environment and then launch a jupyter notebook. This way your jupyter notebook can import packages and module present in your virtual environment as well.

banuteja029 profile image
banuteja029 Author

Thank you sir