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Brilliantly put, Sam! We used the first 2 principles while building remote.tools :)

Not only did we have information about 100+ remote-friendly products ready with us. We only had to create a repository on WordPress, which we did in around 15 days. The best part is that we still use the repository every other week for different use-cases.

The experience was so enriching that my co-founder wrote a post about it on Hackernoon. You can read more about it here- hackernoon.com/how-side-projects-c....

Would be great to hear your thoughts on remote.tools


Looks great! Always nice to surface cool tools for others to find easier. Often people make cool stuff but aren't great at getting it into the hands of those who may need it!


That is the motive, Sam!

We have built remote.tools version 2 with this in mind. In it, product makers can add their products so remote workers can discover their awesome work and we plan to launch it by the end of next week.

I can share it with you too if you would want to have a look :)

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