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re: How many computers do you use? VIEW POST

  • MBP mid 2015
  • IPhone 5S
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • I also have an old HP 4410s Laptop but is so slow so i just take it HDD away and use as an external drive to save data :)

That 's all i have :)

I'm also decide to build a pc for gaming (Don't ask me to play games on MBP :(( ).
But recently, i'm so busy. And i'm not interesting in games to much, just want to play some game to relax.

Honestly, i'm love to use linux than osx, especially ubuntu. I decide to buy MBP cause i have to do some design with AI, PTS...So i buy it and setting everything to work as convenience as i can :)

In the future, i'll build an PC just to use Linux. And this old MBP with me my design machine (I think so :))

Btw do you love reading Halpern, if so you must give kindle paperwhite a try. It's the best reading device and one of the most things i buy and no regret :))

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