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Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I appreciate.

I'm a unix-like user (Debian) for many years, so I think I can say something too (also now I'm writing this comment on a W10 machine).

I see many people in the comments talking about Linux (Ubuntu for most of them) lacking drivers and some other software programs. That's true. But, what you should be aware of is how GNU/Linux systems are built. Most of the distros rely on free and open-source standards, unfortunately, some drivers companies (if not most) don't even like the open world, so it is very complicated for the community to do reverse engineering on those kinds of materials.

So, the problem is not at all that GNU/Linux systems are not capable, but the provides don't allow them to do good work for people.

Coming back in programming in general, I can say that it is a bit difficult to easily get started on Windows that on a Linux machine. Software installations and installations management are just simple. Simple commands do a great job.

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