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re: I honestly feel we have a problem in this industry of overspecialization. Perhaps it's my background, but I have a bit of a "military planning" min...

Hi DeathShadow60,
I agree with you in most of the things. I have personally experienced this thing like, devs do not know of each other things.
I have been myself maintaining the flow between, backend, frontend and mobile guys. I have seen from like basic CSS/Html projects to complex projects, most of the issues arise in development stages because devs may be specialized in their work but limited to a domain.
Like as a case of API, backend dev expects the Ui dev to handle the data entry and check for invalid values at the front end only.
The front end dev may expect back end dev to handle the same at backend only.
In that case, the API may not work anyways and not knowing of each other work they just keep blaming each other. But if they have known a little of each other's work, both should have added their logic to handle the case, and the API should not have failed then.
I am saying this because I am mostly shuffling between things and not limited to one area.
One another problem, I see with devs is like, most of the devs do not learn or like not warn to learn new things. Let say someone learns PHP or let say some framework, laravel he may not be ready to learn a new framework. On told to do something he will simply say like I know PHP only, I will not change to some other framework.
But things are different, one should be attached to a single thing only, I agree that specialization in one thing is good. But change is the only constant in the world. We should make us adaptable to change.

This is why I like shared the same article, to just let people know, it is not bad to be a full stack.

So Deathshadow, i hope you meant these same things or not please correct me.

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