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I built my original solution to this on top of my Day 2 solution, but was really unhappy about how that solution had turned out. So, I spent time over the weekend and into this morning building out a more clean solution around the Intcode Computer (knowing that it's going to likely be used more later).

The implementation is below (and also accessible here), along with the new execution calls for Day 2:

;; incode_computer.clj
(ns aoc2019.intcode-computer)

(def operations
  {1 {:params 3, :action (fn [p1 p2 _] {:output (+ p1 p2)})}
   2 {:params 3, :action (fn [p1 p2 _] {:output (* p1 p2)})}
   3 {:params 1, :action (fn [_]
                           {:output (Integer/parseInt (read-line))})}
   4 {:params 1, :action (fn [p1] (println p1) {})}
   5 {:params 2, :action (fn [p1 p2] (if (not= 0 p1) {:jump p2} {}))}
   6 {:params 2, :action (fn [p1 p2] (if (= 0 p1) {:jump p2} {}))}
   7 {:params 3, :action (fn [p1 p2 _] (if (< p1 p2) {:output 1} {:output 0}))}
   8 {:params 3, :action (fn [p1 p2 _] (if (= p1 p2) {:output 1} {:output 0}))}
   99 {:params 0}})

(defn fetch
  "Retrieves the opcode, and the number of arguments for that opcode"
  (let [opcode (get (:instructions machine) (:program-counter machine))
        action (mod opcode 100)]
    {:opcode opcode
     :action action
     :params (:params (get operations action))}))

(defn opcode-to-parameters
  (let [modes (->> opcode
                   (format "%05d")
                   (into [])
                   (take 3)
    (map #(condp = %
            \0 {:mode :direct}
            \1 {:mode :immediate}) modes)))

(defn retrieve-args
  "Retrieves the parameters of the instruction from the code list, and
  returns a map of their positions, values, and mode"
  [machine fetched-instruction]
  (let [in-params (take (:params fetched-instruction)
                        (drop (inc (:program-counter machine)) (:instructions machine)))
        op-params (opcode-to-parameters (:opcode fetched-instruction))
        joiner (fn [in-param op-param]
                 {:mode (:mode op-param)
                  :param-pos in-param
                  :param-val (get (:instructions machine) in-param)})]
    (assoc fetched-instruction :params
           (map joiner in-params op-params))))

(defn execute
  "Executes the instruction provided, and returns any results of that
  (let [params (map #(condp = (:mode %)
                       :direct (:param-val %)
                       :immediate (:param-pos %)) (:params instruction))
        action (:action (get operations (:action instruction)))]
    (if action
      (assoc instruction :result (apply action params))
      (assoc instruction :result :stop))))

(defn apply-changes
  "Applies any changes based on the result of the instruction. Returns a
  potentially modified instruction list."
  [machine instruction-with-results]
  (let [result (:result instruction-with-results)
        inc-program-counter (fn []
                              (+ 1 (:program-counter machine)
                                 (count (:params instruction-with-results))))]
    (if (:jump result)
      (assoc machine :program-counter (:jump result))
      (if (= result :stop)
        (assoc machine :stop true)
        (if (:output result)
          (let [adjusted-instructions (assoc (:instructions machine)
                                             (:param-pos (last (:params instruction-with-results)))
                                             (:output result))]
            (assoc machine :instructions adjusted-instructions :program-counter (inc-program-counter)))
          (assoc machine :program-counter (inc-program-counter)))))))

;; day2.clj
(ns aoc2019.day2
  (:require [clojure.string :as st]
            [aoc2019.intcode-computer :as ic]))

(defn parse-input
  "Converts input into atom holding instruction integers."
  (map #(Integer/parseInt %) (st/split (st/trim-newline input) #",")))

(defn new-calculate
  (let [instructions (vec (parse-input input))]
    (loop [machine {:instructions instructions
                    :program-counter 0
                    :stop false}]
      (if (:stop machine)
        (first (:instructions machine))
        (recur (->> (ic/fetch machine)
                    (ic/retrieve-args machine)
                    (ic/apply-changes machine)))))))

(defn preprocess-input
   (preprocess-input input 12 2))
  ([input noun verb]
   (let [parsed-input (vec (parse-input input))]
     (st/join "," (-> parsed-input
                      (assoc 1 noun)
                      (assoc 2 verb))))))

(defn p2019-02-part1
  (new-calculate (preprocess-input input)))

(defn p2019-02-part2
  "Using the calculator from part 1, determine the proper inputs for our expected value."
  (let [expected-result 19690720
        noun (atom 0)
        verb (atom 0)]
    (while (not= expected-result (new-calculate (preprocess-input input @noun @verb)))
      (swap! verb inc)
      (if (= @verb 100)
          (swap! noun inc)
          (reset! verb 0))))
    (+ @verb (* 100 @noun))))

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